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Ask Lita about remote assistance that won't cost you employee benefits, instead will provide the flexibility that your budget needs.  Your virtual marketing assistant handles webpage design and content update management, and assistance with customer inquiries, digital publishing management, and marketing calendar management for e-Newsletter marketing campaigns and social media community management too!  Lita Williams works to ease the stress for startups and tenured businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.  The remote assistance is available at a per project cost and premium membership for a reasonable monthly flat fee.  Ask Lita to learn more.

Webpage Management 

The remote assistance handles webpage design and content publishing management to ensure message alignment and the updates needed.

Ask Lita about per project and monthly premium member subscription costs.

Customer Relations Monitor

The remote assistance tracks customer activity and addresses email correspondence about client products, services and information inquiries.

Basic package premium membership is priced as low as $80.00 per month.

e-Newsletter Management

The remote assistance provides distribution management and analysis of newsletters for email marketing campaigns.

Professional premium member subscriptions offer additional valued options. 

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Social Media Management

The remote assistance monitors your social platforms and schedules posts to keep you connected to your community.

Executive premium member subscriptions include monthly analytics too!

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Looking for branding assistance?

Ask Lita about guidance, resources and support for communication, marketing, advertising and promotions too! 

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