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Join The Positive Network Community.  Consumers request our general (no cost) membership to get connections to helpful products, services and information.  Brands request our premium membership to get guidance, resources and support to increase alignment with consumer needs.


Whether "no cost" general membership for consumers or premium (fee for service) membership for brands, request your membership to advance the connection to positive experiences leveraging Ask Lita network of consumers, businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, vendors and merchants. 

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General Membership

The Positive Network Company General Membership is free to join.

  1. Our general membership program is perfect for consumers.  General members are invited to request assistance for connections to helpful products, services and information.  The membership program leverages Ask Lita Business People Directory in just 5 easy steps.  Request a connection here.

  2. General members are also invited to advance positivity by participating within community discussions and suggesting content that can be posted in Scoop and Share business and consumer lifestyle advertising publications.


Note:  Use of adverse communication or attacks toward anyone directly or indirectly while utilizing any TPN Company services is cause for site user and membership termination.

General Membership Benefits

  • As we grow, so does our member reach. 

  • Members gain access to connections offering helpful products, services and information that can lead to positive consumer experiences.

  • Members are invited to offer opinions, suggestions and testimonials about healthy interactions, people in action, house and home matters, leisure activities, socially conscious interactions, helpful products, services and information . 

  • Member feedback can *inspire content posts for Scoop and Share publications.    

  • Members get monthly e-newsletters and / or text messages with insights about helpful products, services and information.

Premium Member Benefits

  • Premium members get brand guidance, resources and support to assist with communication, marketing, advertising and promotion of helpful products, services and information. 

  • Premium member services can be purchased per project or by monthly subscription.  

  • Premium members seeking to advertise helpful products, services and information can request to sponsor advertisements.  Additional fee for advertising option may apply. 

  • Premium members are automatically included within Ask Lita Business Market Network, and Ask Lita Business People Directory.  The benefit offers insight, tips and tools that matter to business development and customer retention.


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