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Brands offering helpful products, services and information for consumers in the marketplace advertise with publishing by Lita!


Ask Lita about free and paid advertising options. 

Free advertisements support ongoing content publishing efforts for Scoop and Share online publications to showcase positive experiences in the marketplace, and paid or sponsored advertisements are made available to businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals working to advance positive outcomes for consumers.


Brands leverage both no cost and premium (sponsored) advertising options.  

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Free advertising is made available by invitation and upon request with invitation.  The free service is offered to create ongoing content about positive experiences happening in the marketplace.  Free advertisements must adhere to editorial selection, ad placement, creative direction and duration management via publishing by Lita availability.  The no cost advertising option is offered to diverse businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals interested in providing content about helpful products, services and information that have led to positive experiences for consumers.  The free advertising service includes a basic contact listing in our Business People Directory too! 


Paid "sponsored" advertising offers branded ad collaboration, regarding ad type, placement and duration, subject to availability and publishing by Lita editorial approval.  The paid service is for brands to showcase brand solutions that can lead to positive experiences for consumers in the marketplace.  Complete the profile form to get customized pricing for paid advertisement.  Email

Advertising Policy dictates that publishing by Lita free advertisements and paid sponsored advertising is made available for brand content showcasing helpful products, services and information aligned with our mission to connect positivity by placing consumer priorities at the forefront of brand communication, marketing, advertising and promotion.  To assist with our mission, our advertisement services offer development of ad concepts and storyboards, brand positioning and taglines too, alongside advertisement placement strategies to create the most effective free and premium advertising.  Learn more.

Get started.  Complete your ad profile to request advertising assistance.  

Free and Paid Advertisement Options
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