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Free Advertisements

Diverse businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals are offered no cost advertisement.  Upon requests-with editorial invitation, brands can showcase content that have led to positive experiences in the marketplace. 


Invitation can result upon request, or be offered per TPN (The Positive Network) community member referrals.  We work to review requests by way of public sources and/or public-facing testimony aligned with our mission to advance the connection of positive outcomes for consumers.

Free advertisements require adherence to editorial selection, direction, and placement availability.



Brands offering helpful products, services and information for consumers in the marketplace, ask Lita to highlight advertised brand content with publishing by Lita that is customized for brands, or to showcase brand solutions that can lead to positive consumer experiences in our registered trademark publication, Scoop and Share.

  • Free and sponsored advertisements are subject to availability parameters.

  • Advertising service can include Mindlert promotion too!


Advertiser Criteria & Advertising Standards

Advertisers must establish and maintain a reputation of offering positive experiences for consumers in the marketplace and must have an active consumer resolution process that demonstrate the following:

1.  Customer-friendly processes that include reasonable attempts to provide timely responses to inquiries, good faith effort for dispute resolution, consumer assistance for better understanding and follow up communication to minimize ongoing concerns.

2.  Transparency regarding the helpfulness of products, services and information made available to consumers, including:  quality, costs, limitations, truth in advertising, governmental compliance, terms of service, warrantees, privacy policy, cancellation and opt-in data collection policies.  Note:  Unresolved complaints can lead to ad cancellation. 

3.  Advertisements must align with our missionNote:  The Positive Network Company maintains the right to exclude or terminate any collateral or content published by Lita at any time without prior notice.

4.  Email inquires:

Paid Advertisements

Paid "sponsored" advertisements can include feature placement and extended durations.

Adherence to editorial placement direction and approval is required.


Ask Lita for pricing options, ad concept and storyboard development, coaching for brand presentation and publishing alignment across media campaigns.


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