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About Lita


Lita Williams

“Lita is genuinely passionate about helping small business owners. To that end, she provides free marketing tools to help them find new customers. She's also super supportive of their businesses, and I know I can count her among those that support what I do with my company.”

Susan Payton, President, Egg Marketing & Communications

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“Lita Williams is a wonderful, skillful and amazing person. I met Lita early in 2013 and she and I connected immediately, it was her compassion and relationship oriented approach to life that made me feel heard. This is essential for me in having a business advisor.

Having a background as a professional broadcaster, I was very impressed with the result of our interview. Usually a business founder has a specific skill or profession and launches out on their own as an entrepreneur. Most have little knowledge or expertise in marketing or running a business. Often it is a learn as you go and then it is “OJT” on the job training.  “Some eight of ten new businesses fail in the first three years.” say Forbes Magazine 11/13/2012. For greater success in scaling the highest height on earth, it’s best to have a “Sherpa”. Lita can guide you up the rock and treacherous path.”

Marvin Brock, President, Qi Center

"Business People Connection is a welcome to business as it should be.  Focused, professional, and visionary, Lita Williams delivers what she says, on schedule. Lita has put us on a path that we can believe and follow, she has shown us what success looks, feels and acts like. 

We know clearly what lies ahead - thank you Lita!"

Steven Bailey, Naturopathic Physician

"Thanks Lita for being instrumental in helping to structure and develop Goodwill’s new Career Center Program.  Your marketing expertise and business process insight were key assets needed to get the initiative off the ground, and a testament to the value you offered subsequently as Goodwill’s Marketing Services Manager.  I appreciated the leadership you made available, and your ability to take on multiple projects at one time, while keeping everyone on task.  I’m happy to endorse your personable disposition, along with your strong work ethic, and the excellent quality that you extend to every project.  Also, I can’t state enough about the superior strength of your communication skills.  In my tenure at Goodwill, I’ve not witnessed messaging able to achieve such an immediate call to action with the level of positive interest and sincere engagement from senior leadership as your writing skills have.  Lita Williams, you shouldn't hesitate to share my name as a reference."

Terry Gillett, Information & Systems Program Manage

"Lita Williams is a leader with vision. She has a clear, vivid picture of the goal, as well as a firm grasp on how to achieve it. Lita creates a vision, articulates the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drives it to completion. She has an innate ability to communicate her vision in terms that influence others to buy into it. Lita has discipline to work toward her vision, as well as to direct her actions and inspiring those of the team toward the goal.

Lita is a leader who is centered in integrity and can be trusted because she never veers from company values, even when it might be expeditious to do so. She is a leader that inspires dedication by example, doing whatever it takes to complete the next step toward the vision.

She is also magnanimous leader because she ensures that credit for successes is spread as widely as possible throughout the team and other areas of the company. Conversely, she takes personal responsibility for any deviations in plans. Lita is able to suspend judgment while listening to others’ ideas, as well as accept new ways of doing things. Her openness has built mutual respect and it also kept the team well supplied with new ideas that helped to further her vision. In Lita's dealings with others she was consistent and just and treated people fairly.

Lita’s leadership style was assertive to get the desired results. Along with assertiveness comes the responsibility to clearly understand what her team needed from her. Lastly, Lita has a great sense of humor, which is vital to relieve tension and boredom, as well as to defuse hostility. She is an effective leader who knows how to use humor to energize her team and foster good camaraderie.".

Kendell Murphy, Senior Sales & Retention Analyst, Blue Cross Blue

“I've worked with Lita on a couple different occasions this year and found her to be Experienced, Professional, and Incredibly Capable! She is a welcome addition to any team, that any professional, may be considering her for! As a consultant she has keen insight and a creative edge which helps push her to the front of the pack! Work with her! You won't be sorry!”

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

Cedric Farris, Managing Partner at The Yoriche Group, LLC

“Lita's strengths include strategic planning, creative thinking, interpersonal skills, and follow through. While charged with many diverse tasks, Lita was able to ensure proper progress while working with several other individuals and business units. She is professional and works very well with others to bring initiatives to a successful end. Dependable, focused, and results-driven, Lita is a joy to work with and an asset to any organization.”

Christine Farah, Vice President, Middle & Small Group Sales, BCBSM

"Lita is an awesome leader and mentor. She has the ability to bring the best that an individual has to be more than was realized. Her leadership skills are detailed and powerful in her determination to reach goals and meet deadlines. As the number one sales leader she had tireless energy to be number one in the region and in the top 1% through out the country. She has a dynamic spirit and personality to encourage, coach, and inspire. There is no challenge too big for her to attack and conquer."

Connie Jackson,  Owner, Allstate Insurance Company

"I assist businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals with making connections essential for success.  I'm often employed for business results as a marketing strategist, and the key for driving accomplishments in CRM, brand follow through and operational process management.  I'm inspired to propel outcomes that can lead to positive experiences for both consumers and businesses. 


I especially enjoy providing digital publishing, communication strategy, advertising design and promotional tactics to excel helpful products, services and information made available by the brands invested in resources that can make a valued difference in the marketplace.  


Leveraging more than ten years of program and project management, my experience spans a variety of industries providing clients with critical expertise, as a result of the relationships that I've built along the way. "

- Lita

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