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We're all about advancing positivity

  1. The "Ask Lita" Positive Network Company Community Membership is free.

  2. Simply referred to as TPN Community Membership, the membership can be cancelled at any time.  Cancel both free and premium membership here.

  3. Members are invited to advance positivity in community discussions and the content shared throughout Publishing by Lita / TPN Company networks and related sites.

  4. Use of adverse communication may be cause for members to be identified as "not" in good standing.  Members who are not in good standing are not authorized to utilized TPN Company memberships, properties or services.  For example, members who are identified as attacking anyone directly or indirectly memberships terminated.

Member Benefits

  • As we grow, so does our member reach. 

  • Members gain special access to inspire content within TPN Company networks and publications.

  • Member benefits include access to insights that can enhance personal and business growth.

  • Members are invited to offer opinions, suggestions and testimonials about helpful businesses, products, services and information, including leisure activities, healthy living and socially conscious interactions. 

    • Member feedback is prioritized to help our commitment to become a reliable and valued source for positivity.

  • Members get Mindlerts at no cost. 

    • The flagship service provides email and text notifications about helpful products, services and information.

  • Members gain access to premium services and advertisement options too!

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