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5 steps to valued connections:

1.  Join.  "The Positive Network Community" general membership is free and makes available our flagship business and consumer lifestyle advertising e-publications, at no cost.

2.  Request customized publications.  We offer premium memberships at a reasonable cost.  Select our basic level premium member subscription for customized publishing by Lita monthly or select per project assistance.  The premium member subscription provides publishing by Lita with market research, brand assessments and connection assistance to align the type of products, services and information you prefer.  

3.  Acknowledgement.  We'll email you an acknowledgment notification that your request will be reviewed and a follow up email to begin the process of clarifying your interests and to confirm the start date for your customized publication.

4.  Note Member Options.  The no cost membership provides general content.  Premium memberships provide customized publishing by Lita, offering guidance, resources and support aligned with member preferences.  Either membership can be cancelled anytime. 

5.  Connect.  The final step is up to you. Whether you prefer our free membership or premium membership, we look forward to connecting! 


About our connections 

Our business people directory includes product, service and information providers that have been known to offer customer first processes, in which providers have made apparent that customer satisfaction is at the forefront in overall quality of consumer interactions, communication practices and resolution timeliness. 


Note:  Though we do not endorse, guarantee, nor take responsibility for any outcomes resulting from any product, service or information related transactions directly or indirectly, or connected by Ask Lita, or its representatives or affiliates, or as a result of any publication offered by Ask Lita or any connection offered per our efforts, we do expect our connections to promote positive experiences.  Therefore, to encourage overall customer satisfaction, we'll remove connections from our business people directory that we determine do not advocate our priorities for customer first processes.  


How we engage 

We try not to be robotic or highly automatic.  Instead, we work to engage customers personally, one at a time.  Our membership advantage makes available a market network of real people working to assist individual requests for valued connections.


Our efforts are tailored with consumers at the forefront.

This is why, there is no cost to join (TPN) The Positive Network Community. 


For customized assistance, select our premium memberships.  Learn more.

Our Approach

Guidance, Resources & Support

Let's Get Started
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