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"Assisting businesses and people advance the connection to helpful products, services and information is what I do best!"

- Lita Williams

  • Get to know what shoppers prefer.

  • Learn about consumer solutions.

  • Be inspired by what is good to know.



At no cost, consumers are invited to get the scoop and share publishing by Lita. 

  • Community membership advantage

  • Business and consumer lifestyle publications

  • Directory listings


Opt-in to stay updated and get alerts about helpful products, services and information. 


Consumers ask Lita about connections to helpful products, services and information that can lead to positive experiences.   

Businesses ask Lita to assist with getting the word out about the solutions they offer consumers in the marketplace.

About Us
TPN Vision


Publishing by Lita develops business and consumer lifestyle advertising publications and makes available directory assistance to connect businesses and consumers in the marketplace.  Owned and operated by Lita Williams, publishing by Lita is a division of Ask Lita LLC, The Positive Network Company, Business People Connection Services.


Businesses and consumers ask Lita for guidance, resources and support to advance the connections that can lead to positive experiences in the marketplace.  Our vision is to be the preferred source for nurturing relations between businesses and consumers.


Founder Lita Williams develops customized business and consumer lifestyle advertising publications aligned for diverse brands.  Ask Lita registered trademark publication, Scoop and Share, showcases helpful products, services and information available in the marketplace.  By always placing consumer priorities at the forefront of publishing by Lita, our mission to connect positivity with advertising publications and directory assistance, propels with deliberate focus each day.



Consumers get access to publishing by Lita and directory assistance.  Businesses get assistance with brand marketing strategy, communication, digital publishing, advertising and promotion.  Learn more about our services and join us to advance the connection of consumer solutions offered by businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals throughout the United States.  


Our Membership Advantage

The Positive Network Community offers free and premium membership benefits.  


At no cost, consumers, businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals request our free membership to connect about helpful products, services and information published by Lita. 


Our premium membership is a fee for service monthly subscription making available customized business and consumer lifestyle publications, along with the guidance, resources and support needed to gain valued business and people connections. 


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Our Approach

We're building a networking community of valued connections for businesses and consumers by providing helpful content that can highlight positive experiences in the marketplace.  Publishing by Lita delivers a wide-variety of content, as a result of member input, developed and curated content from open-sources, trends found throughout the Internet and online platforms, community discussions, public opinions, interviews and testimonials about businesses that offer customer solutions for house and home matters, workplace organization, healthy living, and leisure interests for shopping, dining and travel.  Learn more, Ask Lita.

Advance the Connection!


Join the discussion.


Free Advertising

Got a scoop to share about helpful products, services or information that can connect positive experiences?  Ask Lita about advertising content at no cost with Ask Lita Member Content Program and advance the connection. 


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Ask Lita, LLC about trademark publication Scoop and Share​  and customized brand publications with Business People Connection directory services to advance valued connections between consumers and businesses


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