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  • Communicate effectively 

  • Write and speak with clarity

  • Give speeches that inspire

  • Share your message confidently

  • Engage and focus audiences 


"I'm happy to help develop communication strategies and strategic messaging for entrepreneurs and professionals just starting out and making career changes.  Often what you say is just as important as how you say it.  Similarly, it's just as critical to express your thoughts in writing as it is to position your thoughts aloud in presentations and appearance.

No matter your goals, effective communication matters!  


It's been said that communication is effective when what is expressed is received as intended.  I contend that the responsibility for communication being effective relies most on the person initiating and requesting an interaction.


I offer communication strategies to assist with the alignment of written and verbal words with overall presentation.  Let's connect  about how strategic messaging and  related services I offer clients.  My objective is to assist clients with communicating their thoughts to gain desired outcomes. 


Email me to inquire about the communications you  need to meet your goals.  I look forward to connecting  soon!"

- Lita


  1. Communication Planning

  2. Communication Development

  3. Strategic Messaging Alignment

  4. Image and Brand Development

  5. Image and Brand Coaching



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