Dining Together

"Though I'm cooking more at home this year, which is always a good thing, I do look forward to returning to some of my favorite dining out spots from last year in Portland, Oregon."

- Lita






When I want a good breakfast with start to end customer service and a bit more, I dine downtown Portland at one of my favorite places, Headwaters. The upscale dining offers a soothing cup of coffee, large tasty crab omelet, and a beautiful décor of mixed wood, cement and olive colors. Attention to detail is apparent in the background music, kept restrooms and accountable service with satisfying customers at the forefront.
Comfort ..environment, the baked goods and coffee at the Roman Candle Baking Company are pretty awesome and the teamwork is apparent too. The environment is open and hip, and the customer service is very welcoming.
Jim & Patty's
The service is great ..ask for Bre. If you are not close-in Portland, Oregon, locating a good locally owned breakfast spot is tricky. However, in Beaverton "Jim & Patty's Coffee" located in a strip mall, works! Once inside, there's a feel of Portland for sure. Jazz music in the background, board games and WIFI. Good small bites, coffee and dangerously appealing sweets. For me, the best attribute is Bre. Her above average and exceptional customer service is the best!!!
Attentive service ..quaint and attentive bar service -limited menu with an urban flare, low light and really good messy burgers. Kask makes a relaxing standby for a quick bite, a cocktail, very nice background music influenced by a very professional and personable bar server.
Dan and Louis
Good food ..this oyster bar is truly a chill, flip-flop wearing spot with a nice street view for people watching. The food and drinks are yummy and the service helpful. The space is large with an open feel.
Great drinks atop the 15th floor at the Nines, the Departure is plenty cool and has the feel of an airplane hub. Though the stainless steel restroom décor can be a bit cold, I most appreciated the design attributes, view and the really good tasting food and drinks. Note: The wait time for service in the dining area could be improved.
Casa Vaca
Yummy Multnomah Village you might be surprised by the big tastes offered by the small dishes at Casa Vaca. Try the polenta cakes and fish tacos too! The food is great and the service is worth a weekly visit. The waitstaff is very attentive, and the owner even helps out to assist in making your experience memorable. Note: one person restroom is a bit inconvenient (requires a short walk near the dish cleaning area), but it's well kept.
Best mojito .. one of my favorites for a real mojito, the Cuban style restaurant is small, but really good for customer service, shredded beef and deserts. The service is personable and the food reminds me of some Cuban dishes in Miami. Note: one person washroom can cause a line up.
McCormick and Schmick's
Nice outdoor dining experience. Being outside downtown Portland in the summer is made easy at this convenient spot. The assigned area is well managed and very organized. The specialty and refreshing summer drinks provide a cool stop in the day. Note: The menu options are typical for a chain.
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