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Effective Date  ____________________

Ask Lita Networking Agreement is provided in conjunction with TPN Company Premium Membership Service, which requires alignment with TPN Company mission and makes eligible TPN Company Networking Program by and between Business People Connection LLC, dba The Positive Network Company, represented herein as “Agent” located in Portland, Oregon and __________________________________, represented herein as “Company” and as stated below:

Company Name:  ____________________________________________________________________

Street Address, City, State, Zip:  ________________________________________________________

Email:  ____________________________________________________

Phone:  ______________________

The Networking Agreement can be made available with any TPN Company premium subscription membership offering Ask Lita Brand Development guidance and support, including ongoing consulting and brand coaching to help strengthen "Company" processes that can result in positive customer experiences.  When available, The Networking Agreement will offer qualified Consumer Leads for "Company" products, service and information


The Company and the Agent agree that Agent will offer consumer leads for Company response according to the following terms and conditions provided within this Agreement:

  1. The term “Agreement” includes the information stated herein.

  2. The Agent is independent and without obligation to provide any lead for any reason.

  3. The Agent does not hold any liability regarding Company products, services or information nor related payment obligations, nor invoicing for products, services, information nor related quality or delivery or timeliness thereof rendered by the Company.

  4. The Company agrees to pay for TPN Company Premium Subscription Membership Fee in the form of a monthly premium subscription membership fee for service, "Membership Fee" for the services made available by the premium membership subscription selected by Company at the time this Agreement is signed or is updated and undersigned by Agent and Company accordingly. 

  5. Additionally, the Company agrees to pay TPN Company Agent Fee of 12% per Company products, services and information requested, as a result of consumer lead(s) delivered to Company on behalf of a consumer by Agent.

  6. The Agent is not obligated to provide the Company with consumer leads, as leads are dependent upon and are the result of consumer request(s).  Consumers have access to all Agent advertisers and Business People Directory listings and are invited to inquire and determine next steps, without requirement, including the option to not inquire for any Company response.

  7. The effective date of this agreement is the date stated herein and confirmed by authorized signatures.

  8. Authorized Signees are listed herein as Company and Agent.

  9. The term "Consumer" refers to a consumer lead for inquiry or a request for a product, service or information from the Company.

  10. The terms “Agent” and "Consumer Lead" are used to indicate contact information offered by Agent to Company per consumer inquiry or request(s).

  11. Consumer leads are subject to 12% Agent Fee per delivery of Company products, services and information that result from a Consumer Lead provided by Agent to Company.

  12. Consumer Lead information are described as decision maker name, email, phone and the a summary of the inquiry or request(s).

  13. The term “Premium Subscription Membership” refers to the monthly fee Company agrees to pay in exchange for a TPN premium membership service.  

  14. The Company is responsible for all taxes, including state, federal and local related to any product, service, information or related work obtained resulting from any Consumer Lead provided by Agent.

  15. The Agent has no liability for payment and no payment obligation related to any work resulting from a Consumer Lead. 

  16. Payment for Company products, services or information rendered and any resulting concerns or liability claims is entirely between the Company and the Consumer.

  17. TPN Premium Membership fee shall be paid as an automatic monthly renewal and can be cancelled at anytime.  When a membership is cancelled, there is no refund for any portion of premium membership fees.

  18. Agent offers no guarantees regarding Consumer Lead quantity, quality, availability, profit, potential, conclusion, nor outcome of any Consumer Lead.

  19. The Agent maintains sole discretion of the methods and approach used to gain consumer leads.

  20. The Agent may include Company in its marketing activities.

  21. The Company will consider each Consumer Lead for immediate response and no later than seventy-two hours after Consumer Lead receipt.

  22. Consumer leads are emailed to Company email listed in the undersigned Agreement and posted in premium member account communication when available.

  23. The Company will make reasonable and good faith efforts to contact consumer leads for the purpose of addressing Consumer inquiries, offering, delivering and providing products, services or information in good faith while maintaining consumer-friendly processes that promote timeliness in Consumer communication, satisfaction, resolution, and quality of products, services and information making apparent reasonable and good faith attempts to help the Consumer achieve a positive outcome and positive experiences when interacting with Company.

  24. The Agent and Company agree to work together in good faith.

  25. The term and duration of this agreement is continuous with automatic renewal, unless cancelled in writing.


The Company and Agent signature below indicates understanding, agreement and acceptance of the conditions stated herein, including related fees and effective date for Agreement.


Agent Fee 12%

Premium Membership Level ____________


Premium Membership Monthly Fee _________


Discounts are available for new agreements.  Applied discount ___________


Total due from Company with signed agreement _______________


Each member premium is due at the start of each month after agreement is signed.


Next payment due date ________________      Next payment amount due  _____________


Company                                                                                    Agent


______________________                                                           _______________________

(type name )                                                                                (type name)



Company Contact Email                                                           Agent Contact Email




_____________________                                                              _______________________

(date)                                                                                             (date)

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