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Networking Assistance


Member Clients Cost Save in Personnel and Website Tools. 

Client-members receive a free directory listing and customer relationship management support for customer inquiries about helpful products, services and information. 


How does the networking assistance service work?

1.  Become a member and get listed in TPN Community at no cost 

2.  Purchase a premium monthly membership subscription as low as $80.00 per month to receive CRM support when site visitors click on your directory listing and complete an inquiry message.

3.  Inquiries are reviewed for spam and addressed on your behalf per your instructions.

4.  Each month, you'll receive a report that includes your inquiry volume, alongside communication strategy guidance and assessments to assist you with handling customer inquiries effectively.

5.  If you'd like more communication and marketing support, consider our professional and executive level premium memberships too.



Lita Williams, marketing strategist and owner, The Positive Network Company, has established the networking assistance needed by member clients to deliver effective communications for addressing customer inquiries about helpful products, services and information. 

Basic level tactical membership is just $80.00 per month.  The member service includes communication strategy guidance and more! 

Sign up for basic tactical support today.


TPN Company Networking Agreement

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