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Mindlerts are advertisement notifications that can be both informational and the result of paid marketing services.  The opt-in notifications are delivered per subscription.  Mindlerts can be customized based on the categories subscribers select.  Customers can subscribe to as many Mindlert categories preferred.  



Delivery for Mindlerts requested schedule to begin within three business days of order receipt.   The opt-in subscription service provides push-notification to valid email addresses and text to US phone numbers.


Mindlerts can be cancelled at anytime.

Our goal is to ensure Mindlert notifications are received by valid email and US text numbers as expected.  


Merchants and vendors are responsible for the products, services and information they provide.   Mindlert is an advertisement push-notification service offered by The Positive Network Company.  TPN Company and representatives are not responsible for the quality, workmanship, delivery or any concerns regarding merchant or vendor products, services or information.