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Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Ask Lita to assist your brand efforts with connecting consumers to the helpful products, services and information you make available in the marketplace; and stretch your marketing budget too!  


Lita Williams assists brands with image strategy, customer relationship development and managing communication, marketing, advertising and promotions to advance positive experiences that can result from helpful products, services and information made available for consumer satisfaction.

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Email to contact Lita about your project.


How work is delivered 

Brand assistance is provided online, email, phone, video chat, and with use of Microsoft teams or Google Docs. 



Service cost is provided by hourly rate *per project or monthly subscription. View standard service and cost options hereNote: Total cost is depended upon scope and duration of work. 


*Projects are initiated via independent contract1099 pay and reporting arrangement.


Learn more about Lita, here. 

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