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House and Home Matters ...
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House and Home Matters ...


Housing market softens as inventory, interest rates change dynamic - The Washington Post

What's Up With the Crazy Housing Market? - The New York Times

Housing Market Predictions 2022:  When Will Prices Drop?- Forbes 

According to Ronda Kaysen, at the New York Times, "the United States housing market finds itself at a pivotal moment..."  But to what she asks?  

Even with a cooling down and uncertainty in today's real estate market, sellers still have the advantage as inventory remains less than robust in many markets around the country.  Aaron Gregg and Hamza Shaban, of The Washington Post assessed, "The slowdown has, so far, provided little relief to buyers.  

Natalie Campisi, Forbes Advisor Staff signals that "Home prices might expand, but the options will, too, according to some economists."


House sellers

If you're in the market to sell your house, how would you best position your house to sell at the highest price you can get?  Let's connect.  I'm happy to discuss your objectives to offer tips.

Home buyers

If you're in the market to buy a home, what are some options that might create an opportunity to get the house that you'd like to have?  Let's connect.  I'm happy to discuss your objectives to offer tips.

How to get the most out of your current living arrangement? 


Maybe, for you, this is not the best time to sell a house or buy a home.  If that's your situation, consider five easy steps to make your current living arrangement better.


1. Declutter by getting rid of items that are not being used or are not of use.

2. Organize everywhere, i.e., closets, cupboards, garage, storage areas, etc.

3. Clean deeply to impress your senses.

4. Re-arrange furniture for best use.

5. Re-position living spaces for how you live today.

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