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Ask Lita


Ask Lita
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"I'm looking forward to employing di Accento Marketing Tactical Resources to assist your efforts with marketing activities needed to reach your image and brand publishing objectives.  I offer project management and staffing solutions aligned with strategic guidance, essential resources and the required support to assist diverse businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.  I say, it's better to utilize your time effectively, by employing the assistance that I offer.  So, let's connect about your goals today."


What is meant by the phrase di Accento? 


"di Accento is an Italian phrase meaning 'to accent' and defines my approach for providing guidance, resources and support to meet client image and brand objectives.  In other words, I work to accent my clients' image and brand - focusing marketing, advertising, promotional and publishing tactics to highlight what my clients do best for consumers with the products, services and information they offer in the marketplace."

Lita Williams

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