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Branding Assistance Request

Ask Lita Member Content Program

Brand Assessment Request Form

Ask Lita to assess your brand and voice to connect your consumer solutions with publishing by Lita.  Select businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals are invited to join Ask Lita Member Content Program for access to merchant assistance, upon brand approval.  The assistance provides brands access to online market support and revenue share. 


The program approval process starts with you indicating interest by completing the form below.  

Success! Message received.

What's next? 

You'll receive a notification when the information you provide has been reviewed and assessed.  The brand assessment will include information that can provide an impression about your brand reputation and presence within the marketplace.  If your brand is selected as a candidate for Ask Lita Member Content Program, a call will be scheduled to discuss next steps. 


How long will the review process take?

The review process can take up to 60 days. 


Email inquiries: 

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