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- listen to some favorite past discussions -

Ask Lita Talk Radio - Frank Taylor, Restaurant Owner
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Ask Lita Talk Radio - Chef Lauren Von Der Pool
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Ask Lita - Martine Hubbard - Artist
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Got a Scoop to Share?

"Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Professionals, let's connect!  I'm looking forward to including helpful products, services and information that can lead to positive experiences within my network.  

Listen to audio clips of my past favorite discussions and check out the photo video on this page too, for an impression of the guidance, resources and support that I provide clients, network members and valued business connections."

- Lita

Let's Connect Form


  1. Get invited for a recorded interview and get your helpful products, services and information advertised within Ask Lita (TPN Company) networks and publications at no cost.

  2. To get started, complete the attached prep questions and authorization form.  Doing so, provides your bio message and confirms your authorization to join Ask Lita (TPN Company) networks, a no cost membership, and provides authorization and use of a recorded interview, photos, contact information and related supporting assets throughout Ask Lita (TPN Company) networks and publications.

  3. Upon review and approval of your request, prep content and availability of Ask Lita TPN calendar, you'll be contacted about next steps.

  4. Scheduling an interview:  After all content needed is made available, approved and finalized for and by Ask Lita editorial calendar management, portions or all of your content received will be placed on the calendar for release at varied times and without limitation throughout Ask Lita (TPN Company) networks and publications. 

  5. Note:  All content received is deemed as authorization for use as outlined in point #2.

See sample interview questions.

Thanks for submitting!

Sample questions



What is your most memorable positive experience with a product, service or information? 

How do you differentiate your products, services or information, so that you make a valued difference for consumers? 

How do you influence social consciousness or change to encourage unity?

What is your most significant accomplishment or what do you take most pride in? 

What is most important for people to know about you, or what inspired your career path? 

How do you maintain focus on that which is most important to you? 

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