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Ask Lita - Kimmer Goldblatt
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Kimmer Goldblatt, artist and entrepreneur, began her career in the art world at the age of five as ballet dancer.  Later her professional jazz performances could be viewed weekly on television.  The demands required of her as a professional dancer quickly made evident the harmony needed for a healthy body and healthy living.  Kimmer began sharing expertise in health and wellness as a personal trainer and massage therapist assisting many well-known artists including James Taylor, Jim Carry and Guy Laliberte owner-founder Cirque Du Soile. Today, Kimmer has heightened energy helping many people connect health and wellness through the nutrition needed for healthier living made accessible by Univera.  Kimmer is truly inspired by founder Bill Lee and his vision to bring the best of nature to humankind.

Ask Lita - Robyn Hatcher
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Ask Lita - Kendra Lee
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Kendra Lee, sales advisor

Is telemarketing dead?  How do you cold call in a "do not call list" environment?  Some might say, "referrals."  New business referrals are great, especially for quality business.  Yet, anyone experienced in starting a business from scratch or anyone with the need to develop new business leads immediately knows that referrals may not arrive in the quantities and time frame needed.  

Over the years, the "do not call list" and caller ID has caused a steady decline in telemarketing.  Today there are varing views on whether cold calling remains a viable prospecting method.

Mentioned: Rob Glessner a Promotional Marketing Strategist and Owner of Glessner Promotional Agency LLc and Dean Thedos, President at Livable Art Partners Consulting Group 

Featured guest Kendra Lee is a top IT seller, prospect and lead generation expert, sales advisor and business owner who knows how to shorten time to revenue in innovative ways.

She is author of the award winning book Selling Against The Goal and president of KLA Group.  Specializing in theIT industry, KLA Group helps companies rapidly penetrate and sell to small and medium sized companies. Clients include such Fortune 500 companies as Apple, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard and numerous small and mid-size companies.

Robyn Hatcher, author and communication skills expert, knows the importance of communication for both daily living and achieving success in business.  Founder and Principal of SpeakEtc., a boutique communication and presentation-skills training company, Robyn has helped thousands of business professionals improve their presentations and conduct successful interviews and interpersonal communication.  Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, academics and human services professionals.

In her book, Standing Ovation Presentations, Robyn shares a complete presentations skills guide that contains a unique communication-style system called ActorTypes.  Prior to founding SpeakEtc., Robyn worked as a professional actress, appearing on stage in New York and in television commercials and dramas.  She also served as a writer for two daytime dramas.  

Listen in at Business People Connection Business Market Network to hear Robyn describe how she overcame extreme shyness as a young child to helping people reach goals through processes that strengthen communication skills.

Ask Lita - Charlotte Davis Levine
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Charlotte Davis Levine helps businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals install effective bookkeeping tools including bookkeeping software and other business organizational tools to assist in business success. 


Charlotte Davis Levine, B.S. in Computer Science and a concentration in Economics.  She is the proud owner of Ledger Has It,  – which is essentially here to assist, teach and to provide expertise to electronically set-up your business.  The Ledger Has It Team comprises over 20 years of business experience with backgrounds in Education, Finance, Economics and Accounting.  In addition to owning her own business she is a Project Analyst Consultant handling multi-million dollar budgets.  Charlotte Davis Levine has worked for Xerox as a S.W. Engineer in the Engineering Department. She also has had a successful career in the Internet Sector working with Shopzilla.

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